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Along The Route

All are invited to join Grandmother Margaret and arriving riders for prayers and healing ceremonies at these sites of sacrifice: Black Kettle on the Washita; Turkey Springs; Sand Creek Massacre; Punished Woman Creek; Fort Robinson; Noahvose and Little Big Horn.

Hands on Teachings

Hands on teachings of the way of the horse and earth skills for youth and families will also be offered at Fort Reno,OK, Fort Robinson, Bear Butte, SD and Lame Deer, MT, all free of charge. Through the use of ancient wilderness survival arts, outdoor awareness, care-taking of our Mother Earth, the creation of bow drill friction fire, reading of stories written by way of tracks, and survival hut building, will be taught as a way of giving thanks to Creator for the Gift we have been given.

The riders will begin in Fort Reno, Oklahoma then on to Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana, in close proximity to the original path that Cheyenne Chiefs Little Wolf and Dull Knife lead their People back to Lame Deer, Montana in the year 1878.

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