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On the way to Oshkosh, NE via the iron snake way. — with Thomas Smittle AkaHorse and Jill Starr Lifesavers. 4pm Pacific Time. June 25, 2012
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New friends we take in our hearts along this trail.Adrienne Youngblood,
Erin Danielle Stanki, Thomas Smittle AkaHorse and Lila

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Grandmother Margaret meets one of Adrienne's horses, Tess.
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Riding Through Sand Creek

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View from the top of the sky. Near Ogallala, NE
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Thomas Smittle AkaHorse. Almost to Ogallala, NE.

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On the road to Grant, Nebraska.
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Near, Grant, Nebraska. Took a wrong turn, but landed in a good spot.

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Grandmothers Horses Riders, with 'The Duffs' @ Duff's Buffalo Ranch in Scotts City, KS.
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A white buffalo spotted on Duff Buffalo Ranch.
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Monday, June 11, 2012 at 9:45am PDT

On the trail from Punished Woman headed to Duff's Buffalo Ranch.

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Thursday June 7 2012 - Scotts City, KS
The whole gang, shiny and clean in Scott City, KS. Do well taken care of in this amazing little town. Thank you Scott City!!! Tory Mudd, Olivia Pollock, Noe Bazan, Jesus Garcia, Julie Langhorn, Danielle Stanki — with
Kristin Jordan, Thomas Smittle AkaHorse, Juan Villarreal, Margaret Behan, Andy Smittle and Lila Fanshawe.

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Atop a hill in Sand Creek
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The Ride Home Documentary, and Mini Web Series: Behind the scenes.
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Noe and Juan starting a fire at Sand Creek.

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A storm approaching, Croten Creek Ranch.
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Grandmother's Regalia. A belt made with bullets and beautiful beaded attire.
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